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A Bit About Boyd

I’ve been drumming since 1994, and teaching drum kit professionally since 2003. I currently teach privately, at Richard Taunton’s College and St George’s School in Southampton as well as Osborne School in Winchester.

I myself continue to study with some of the best drummers in the business including Dom Famularo and Bill Bachman on a one to one basis and with Benny Greb through his Master Session program. My experiences with these top drumming educators have equipped me with many valuable insights to pass onto my students. Contact me if you’re interested in lessons.

You can see me perform live with Dlugokecki, Six Bearded Fish, Paramore (or less), The Superheroes, Hair Force 5, Nirvavarama and the odd stand in gig here and there with whoever’s hiring!

I’m a professional life coach, working with people to reach their full potential in any walk of life. Check out www.stickwithitcoaching.com for more info if you are a musician or www.stickwithit.co.uk if you are not!

Outside of work I love travelling, scuba diving, surfing and a whole bunch of other outdoorsy stuff. I’m also a Star Wars fan and have travelled to NYC to see one of the films and auditioned for a startring roll despite being 20 yeards too old for the part. I was told I might make a good Ewok!

I dedicate my life’s work to my sister Rebecca who passed away in 2012 at just 28. She’s the reason I became a drummer. Read about our story here and watch the short video of our charity event The SUDEP Sessions here.